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Customer Service

Improve First Call Resolution Rates
Maximize Cross-sells and Up-Sells
Lower Customer Churn and Higher Profitability
Improve Brand Image & Loyalty
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Technical Support

Lower Support Costs
Improve First Call Resolution Rates
Reduce Talk Time
Able to Leverage Problems Into Opportunities
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Customer Acquisition

Higher Sales Close Rates
Lower Cost per Sale
Increase Top-Line Revenue
Maximize Retention Rates
Cross-Sell & Upsell Products
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Who works with The Connection®?
When you desire to focus on your core business, but want to ensure you maintain all the expertise and skill of an internal team: You come to The Connection®.

For the past 33 years, The Connection® has been serving both fortune 500 and medium sized businesses with our award winning U.S. based outsourced contact center services. Our clients benefit from over 130 years of combined executive experience within our company. These benefits exhibit themselves in the form of increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, as well as customer retention. From the president of our company, to the team supervisors and the phone specialists, we take all the necessary steps and measures to ensure that we quickly and efficiently build subject matter experts that take on the tone and brand that you want presented to your clients and customers.

Our team is your team. You will feel that immediately and from day one, you will be proud of what your team at The Connection® represents.