4 Kinds of Customers Your Business Will Face


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Your business will hear from many different types of customers. The question is, can your representative identify the common types of customers and handle them accordingly? There are four types of customers you should be aware of. They are:





1. THE DRIVER: The “driver” type customer is all about getting results in a quick and efficient manner. They will move quickly to get questions answered. Your conversation may be short but you have the opportunity to make an immediate impact. The relationship will flourish if you get something done for them during the first interaction. This is why first call resolution (FCR) is very important for “drivers.” Not only are you helping this customer, you are improving quality, reducing costs and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Famous “drivers” – Bill Gates, Barbara Walters, and Colin Powell.

2. THE AMIABLE: The “amiable” type is focused on others. It is easier to provide them with service because they want to work with you. You will be able to identify the customer as amiable within the first few seconds. The relationship will certainly flourish if you respond with matching kindness. Positive reviews and loyal customers are expected when you build a relationship with an amiable customer.

Famous “amiables” – Pope John Paul II, Mr. Rogers, and Mother Teresa.

Photo by Lamont Cranston

3. THE EXPRESSIVE: “Expressives” are not to be confused with “amiable” customers. “Expressives” are easy to talk to and outgoing. Their decisions are not always in their best interest, but in the interests of everyone. They are also more decisive. Building a relationship with an expressive customer involves social skills. This type of customer may go off topic and invite unnecessary conversation. It is important to steer the customer back to business. If done correctly, this will reduce call times and lower the costs of your call center.

Famous “expressives” – Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, Bill Clinton, and Zig Zigler.

4. THE ANALYTICAL: Lastly, the “analytical” customer is concerned about facts and figures. The customer will need a lot of information before they make a decision. They also want concrete evidence when they need to solve a problem. It is important to go at the pace of the analytical customer. Going fast may disrupt the interaction and create an unhappy customer. You must give accurate information at a pace suitable to the customer. Explaining as much as possible will comfort the customer as well.

Famous “analyticals” – Albert Einstein, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Sigmund Freud.

It is important to keep these four customer styles in mind so that you can identify their needs and fulfill them in an efficient manner.

“Famous” types courtesy of Sam Wagner, Executive Manager of Mike Ferry

Rene Erickson