About USA Call Center Agency The Connection

As an award-winning, U.S.-based, outsourced contact center service provider, The Connection specializes in providing extensive sales, technical support, and customer service via inbound and outbound teleservices, live web chat, email response, social media monitoring, and interactive voice response (IVR) services. With multiple contact centers located throughout the United States, The Connection provides uninterrupted support, 24×7, 365 days each year. Since 1981, The Connection has specialized in contact center support for many industries, including wireless, telecom, cable, healthcare, broadband, pharmaceutical, financial services, insurance, government, tourism, internet retailers, crisis management, catalog, publishing, hospitals and clinics, health benefit exchanges, and product recall.

Total Contact Center Management Provided By The Connection

The Connection leverages years of experience to deliver a total contact center service and technology package – you can be certain your contact center partner will represent your brand in the professional manner you expect.

Multichannel Service

The Connection works with leading organizations to deliver brand loyalty, retention, and enhanced customer satisfaction through a broad range of multichannel touch points. These include phone, live web chat, email response, social media monitoring, and IVR, or interactive voice response. We specialize in technical support/help desk services, customer service, enrollment, and sales conversions.

Workforce Optimization and Scalability

The Connection can handle more than 100 million calls each year through multiple U.S.-based facilities, and quickly add agents to cover significant contact volume increases. Our sophisticated call routing system directs calls to agents based on experience and skills, as well as current traffic demands. We are able to analyze and optimize your staffing cost-efficiencies to ensure maximum agent utilization without compromising quality.

Quality Assurance Monitoring and Superior Agent Training

The Connection customizes agent training to your standards and specifications. Our proprietary, web-based quality management tool enables our partners and our professionals to continuously tract trends, calls, and agent performance. We believe well-trained, professional agents are the foundation of a strong long-term partnership.

The Connection has taken quality assurance beyond monitoring and into total quality management. Through the use of Connection Quality Monitoring (CQM) our quality web tool, participants are able to complete monitoring forms, monitor calls, analyze results, and provide agent feedback. Team Supervisors are empowered with the tools to mentor and monitor agents, analyzing and focusing on areas of success, as well as those requiring improvement. Our quality web tool allows for tracking of agents, individual calls, and overall performance as well. Tracking and analysis is critical to reinforcing quality.

Proactive Account Management

Your NAM, or National Account Manager, is directly responsible for ensuring peak performance. He or she will work proactively with your business to maximize efficiencies, ensuring your contact services keep with evolving needs. Your NAM serves as an on-site program manager and single point of contact.

State-of-the-Art Technology

With over 130 years of combined technical expertise, The Connection IT department provides the creative and customized solutions you need. Customized dynamic voice and data technology offer our partners complete redundancy and enhanced security, ensuring your business stays online and your data remains secure, 24/7, 365 days a year.