Contact Center Staff

The Connection focuses on hiring highly qualified educated individuals with a strong background in customer service, technical support and sales. Prior to receiving a face to face interview with The Connection, candidates go through an extensive screening process. Our clients can expect a friendly, knowledgeable, accent neutral, motivated agent to handle their calls with a high-degree of professionalism and quality.

Agent Profile

Average age is 31 years
64% have post-secondary education
65% female, 35% male

Agent Recruiting Processes, Criteria and Procedures

We seek individuals looking for a career, not just a part time job. Our focus is on hiring top-level agents with skills that allow us to promote from within to key positions throughout the company.

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New Hire Contact Center Agent Training

Our corporate training department works closely with our clients and their National Account Manager to ensure that each agent becomes an expert on their systems and training curriculum. Our dedicated agents embrace the client culture and feel as if they are employees of that company not just The Connection. In addition, we will assess your objectives and consider the elements of the program and will make recommendations to your current training materials or develop a comprehensive training program that will ensure success.

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Account Management

For every client, a National Account Manager (NAM) is assigned to manage your daily business. This person is fully responsible for the success of your program, coordinating I.S., Human Resources, Operations, Training, and Quality Assurance. At program start-up, your NAM schedules a meeting with the “Client Team” which consists of an individual from each of these departments. They review the start date, scripting and set up requests, agent needs, operational and service level expectations, training requirements and quality assurance expectations. This group meets as often as needed prior to the start date to ensure there are no issues with the launch. During this transition time, the NAM speaks frequently with the client, ensuring that we are proceeding as the client expects and managing changes. After the first day of calling the client team continues to meet when needed to modify scripts and make other program changes as requested.