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Industry Average is 70%

Calculating How Many Call Center Representatives You Need

Conducting call center needs analysis can be somewhat complex, so we’ve provided a handy calculator that will help you determine exactly how many call center representatives you would need dedicated to answering client phone calls. Our calculator determines, based on the number of monthly calls your business receives, the average handle time of your representatives, and the percentage of time you would like your call center reps to be occupied with phone calls, how many full time employees you would need to handle the volume.

There are a few factors to consider when filling out the information in our needs analysis engine. First, the industry average for agent utilization or occupancy is 70%, so anything above that is shooting for better than the average. Second, unless you have call center software that will determine this easily, figuring out the average handle time of every phone call can involve some sifting through phone records. Also, generally speaking, by working with The Connection, the average handle time of your phone calls actually should decrease, since we are experts in the call center industry and know how to drive calls to a successful conclusion with greater speed and alacrity.

Use this calculator as a ballpark needs analysis tool. This way, you can determine, first, how many full time employees you would need to have as an employer to account for the number of calls you’re receiving, and second, it can then give you an indication of whether you’d be better off outsourcing your call center solutions to a company like ours. Again, our call center representatives are extremely well trained, so you’d save time and money on training in addition to the salary requirement for so many different employees.

If you have any questions about the calculator, or feel there are any special circumstances associated with your business that the needs analysis calculator may not account for, please give us a call at your convenience. Call center solutions are our expertise, and at the very least we can help guide you to an optimal situation for you and your customers.