Handling a Product Recall


When your company has to recall a product, there might be a panic spreading through every level of the business. People are worried about their jobs, the impact on the company’s reputation, and the welfare of the company. However, the important thing to remember is that other companies have survived a product recall before. It’s not uncommon to recall a product, but you have to handle the situation efficiently and accurately to smooth things over.

Talking to the Consumer through Call Center Outsourcing

One obvious element to recalling a product is getting the information to the consumer who might be affected by your product. If you find your company overwhelmed when handling the consumer responses, you could partner with a call center. By outsourcing of your calls, you can hand over the calls to agents who are specifically trained to handle crises. Call centers train their agents in customer service through flexible scripting, so your message gets out to your customers as efficiently as possible.

Connie Conti
I recently graduated from Rock Valley College in 2011 with an AAS degree. My major is Office Professional.