Help Desk/Technical Support

The Connection has extensive experience providing technical support call center services and help desk contact center solutions. Our customized training and advanced technology ensure that highly-trained agents deliver an unparalleled customer service experience, optimizing first call resolutions. With a number of industry awards behind us for performance and quality, we are a trusted provider of help desk contact center solutions for leading Fortune 500 companies, possessing the experience, quality, and operational efficiencies required to lower help desk/technical support costs. The Connection handles it all – from customer service to technical support – all with the dedication and quality you would expect from an award-winning industry leader.

Some of the key benefits to outsourcing to technical support call center service provider for help desk contact center solutions:

  • Lower Cost for Support
  • Improved First Call Resolution Rates
  • Reduced Talk Time
  • Highly Trained Agent that Understand Product Functions Inside and Out
  • Ability to Leverage Problem Solving Techniques
  • Improved and Maintained Brand Image and Loyalty