Social Media: Reshaping Customer Care

Providing great, well-structured customer service can make or break your business. It’s vital for consumers to feel that they are being heard and taken care of, and often time is of the essence. Enter social media—a fast-paced digital realm where news is updated by the minute and Facebook and Twitter friends keep an ever watchful eye on every update, liking, sharing, and commenting on generally anything that interest them.

Today, businesses that venture into the realm of social media and take care to keep tabs on comments and messages from fans are seeing incredible results in customer care surveys. And it should come as no surprise; 37% of consumers report preferring customer service through social media rather than by phone, and that amount is on the rise as newer, tech-savvy generations grow older. It is not only becoming vital for businesses to implement social care to keep ahead of the game, but to provide knowledgeable, speedy service.

So, how should you approach online customer support?

You don’t necessarily need to jump aboard every social site on the web. To start, focus on one or more of the big players: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linkedin. Each site has their merits, both for customer care and even for helping boast your branding efforts. However, customer support should, quite simply, be approached in the same manner. It should be a priority; it should encourage customers to submit problems; and it should keep fans updated on happenings at your business.
Want more? Check out our infographic below for a full look at the impact social media is having on customer care and what you should do to positively impact your online efforts.

Social Media: Reshaping Customer Care

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