Aspect eWorkforce

Our sophisticated call routing system directs calls to agents based on skills and experience as well as traffic demands – we analyze and optimize your staffing cost-efficiencies without compromising quality to ensure maximum agent utilization. The Connection can handle over 100 million calls per year through multiple U.S.-based facilities and can quickly add agents to cover significant increases in your contact volume.

The Connection uses Aspect eWorkforce for scheduling and forecasting. This program provides advanced functionality and robust client-server architecture to help solve the challenges of managing workforces in complex environments. eWorkforce seamlessly integrates with our Aspect Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system for optimal forecasting and scheduling.  Aspect eWorkforce allows The Connection to garner data from external applications such as a CRM solution or a quality monitoring application. Additionally, we can create new KPIs and dashboards, using data collected from disparate sources.

In addition to our eWorkforce program, The Connection employs several Traffic Analysts. Their only responsibility is to manage each clients’ call volume. Our Aspect ACD determines which facilities will be primary and secondary for each program, but the Traffic Manager has the ability to override these set call allocations at each of our facilities to ensure that your hold time and abandon rates are minimal. We use a variety of reports to determine optimum staffing levels such as:

  • Overall Staffing Report – matches call volumes with staffing needs.
  • Call Activity Report – overall calls per hour, abandon rates, service levels and average length of calls.