Data Systems

Our data system is a Pentium-Based Client/Server Network of Unix-based servers with multiple parallel processors. Each of the multiple servers on the system is linked to the others through a TCP/IP Ethernet network providing redundancy in case of failure. All components on the computer system have complete redundancy with at least one back up. In addition, the data storage devices utilize the latest version of RAID Technology with hot swappable disk drives for complete mirroring and redundancy. In case of power loss, the computer network is linked to dual uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), battery backup systems and a natural gas generator that automatically take over in case of power losses, surges, or drops.

Agent workstations are networked in a number of ways depending on the client’s needs, including SCO Unix and Windows NT operating systems; and proprietary software created in-house using Informix. We have great flexibility in client customized programming and we can accommodate a wide variety of systems.

Each of our contact center sites are networked together with redundant T1 lines. We can provide comprehensive reporting, online scripting, email, and internal routing of calls to available agents based on call volume at each individual facility. Our Aspect ACD has the feature that allows us to intelligently route calls to a primary and a secondary call center transparent to your customer.

We have extensive experience integrating with our clients’ internal systems. Whether we are installing a server, tapping in with Frame Relay, VPN or Cisco routers with a 56K circuit or T1, The Connection has the technical experience to implement a smooth interface to the clients systems.

For more than 70 percent of our clients, we manage the real-time connectivity to their data systems.  Typically we connect into their system by utilizing a point-to-point circuit and Telnet emulation (WRQ) or web browsers (Internet Explorer).