The Importance of Customer Service

As technology puts business reviews at consumers’ fingertips, so does customer service become a greater priority for business owners. Yet, while an American Express Survey showed seven in ten Americans are willing to spend more for businesses with greater customer service, many business owners are making the mistake of using automated systems rather than call center services to manage inbound calls. This distances consumers from business representatives, creating a chokepoint of service and leaving consumers frustrated.

But companies who earn a reputation for excellent service do not go unrewarded. A report by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs says happy customers tell about 4 to 6 people about their experience, meaning that simple human to human service can bring in business that frustrating automated systems cannot. Most importantly, knowledgeable customer service representatives, whether in-store or at a call center services provider, maintains customer commitment; allows business to proceed smoothly; and ensures upsell opportunities are prioritized.

In the following infographic you will learn the good, the bad, and ugly about American customer service and how much money businesses are losing due to poor customer experiences.


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